Shaping the Future

Visionary shapes inspired by nature: the origin of the BioDesign philosophy, applied to multiple categories and handed down as a powerful guide to today’s design figures.

A futurist with a great vision, Luigi Colani shaped our modern conception of organic design, with nature as a constant source of inspiration. The master’s works are of unparalleled beauty.


Wind tunnel marvels

From aerodynamic studies to the creation of scale models, Luigi Colani’s work stands out for his extreme mastery of curved, sinuous organic shapes.

This peculiar gift of his allowed him to create these four-wheeled wonders that are objects of timeless beauty.

These visions have radically influenced many of the best car makers in the world by defining automotive lines over the last 50 years.


Design Evolution

Nature is always at the heart of each Colani creation. Nature is always what inspires the creation of the most beautiful, efficient and timeless objects.

This is the origin of the BioDesign ethos: Everything revolves around nature, which is the generator and constant inspiration of our design ideas.


Discovering new frontiers

Luigi Colani didn’t see space as a limit but the first step for humans towards discovering the universe.

This beautiful, romantic concept led the master to work as a design consultant for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for about 20 years.

Even today, his works project us into the future through his organic forms which create extraordinary aircrafts that share the same genesis of nature.

Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani

Master of extreme round shapes, Professor Luigi Colani, has left us but this is not the end, it’s just a new beginning.
“Biodesign and it’s legacy will lead and inspire mankind for many years to come.”
As the mentor of the Organic Design international scene, Colani left his mark on the whole world; as a futurist researcher, he managed to influence the greatest contemporary designers and architects through his artworks and shapes. He was a scientist of shape and a 3D philosopher.
Luigi Colani was born in Berlin in 1928. He studied sculpture and painting in his city of birth at Hochschule für Bildende Künste in 1947.
He went on to study aeronautic engineering at the Sorbonne in Paris. During his studies, he discovered a great interest for the shapes and forms of nature (fish, birds, trees and all other living creatures).
He applied his interest in nature, developing round, mostly extreme shapes which feature significantly in his artworks and techniques, leading to the creation of a new formula: “90% nature + 10% Colani inspiration” the birth of “BioDesign”, a human interpretation of the shapes created by “Nature”, the architect, over the course of millions of years.

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